Beautiful walls to increase the beauty of your home!

We can install wallpapers in your rooms to make them incredible and enjoyable for you and your family to live well; besides the increased beauty, your walls will also be protected.

Make your home charming by hiring our wall covering services

How it works

Our team places the wallpapers to perfectly align them so your rooms have fantastic designs on your walls. It is possible to customize your home with designs of any and every kind.

Each of our services is certified after the installation is done to make sure that your walls are not ruined by air bubbles or asymmetry, thus guaranteeing to you a 100% satisfying result.


Make your house beautiful and adorable in a matter of hours

These are some of the benefits you get from hiring us:

Unique designs
Perfect details that only wallpaper can provide
Qualified team ready to do your project
High-end, impressive rooms
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Rodneys Painting

Over 20 years ago, we founded the company that has been transforming hundreds of families’ lives in Malden, MA. We are known for the highest level of quality, professionalism, safety, efficiency and friendly assistance to each of our dear customers.
To us, you and your family deserve to live in the house of your dreams, and with this in mind, we deliver the best painting services in the region for fair prices so you have the pleasure of knowing that, by hiring our services, you will get all your demands and a safe, high quality painting.

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